About Us

Jersey Dawg is a food truck in South Florida that brings together some of New Jersey’s most popular fast food favorites - Many of which have been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations”.

Our feature item is know as a “Ripper”, a popular hot dog which is specially made to be deep fried until the casing ‘rips’. Our homemade chili is subtly spicy and a perfect complement to our Dawgs, as is our homemade, mildly sweet and tangy relish.

We also feature a hamburger made in the traditional Jersey fashion, freshly ground beef cooked and steamed in a bed of onions on a flat top grill.

Our delicious fries can be served plain or they can be topped with our homemade chilli, cheese as we do them in Jersey ‘Disco’ style topped with Cheese and Gravy. Wash it all down with a Boylon’s Birch Beer or a Yoo-Hoo and you’ve just been Jersified!!!

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Jersey Dawg  @JerseyDawg201
It's that time again. Last Saturday means Fort Lauderdale Art Walk @ #fatvillage #rippergoodness #jerseystrong... http://t.co/q958m24YEo 
Jersey Dawg  @JerseyDawg201
This weather is for the birds. No go on our lunch spot today. We hope to be at it #jerseystrong next week. 
Jersey Dawg  @JerseyDawg201
Sorry but we wont be able to make it to the lunch spot today. See you all tomorrow, weather permitting. 
Jersey Dawg  @JerseyDawg201
We are excited to announce that we are nominated for Burgie Awards in two different categories. Best Food Truck... http://t.co/I4dyKsMl5X